Simon Richards

Architect  AIBC  RAIC  B.Arch  BSc.


Simon is a professional architect, providing planning and architectural services since 1974. He is a principal in the related firm of Cornerstone Planning Group as well as Cornerstone Architecture. In the planning field, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of educational institutions at all levels, and also has been involved in projects relating to cultural, recreational and research organizations.
Simon has headed the architectural team for the design and construction of a range of building types including institutional, cultural, residential, resort and industrial projects. He brings a commitment to the design process for all projects, including a combined consultative, analytical and strategic framework. He has spoken at several conferences and has lectured part-time at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture.


Scott Kennedy

P.Eng  B.Arch


Scott is a professional engineer as well as a graduate of the UBC School of Architecture. He also has LEED accreditation. He has been a principal of Cornerstone Architecture since 1988. Scott applies his combination of architectural and engineering expertise to ensure projects achieve optimum development outcomes while exemplifying technically sound industry practice. He is committed to design strategies that minimize life-cycle energy use.

Scott is experienced in the integration of quality design with development that makes good business sense. He commonly assists clients in evaluating site potential and development options, preparing pro-formas, securing financing and marketing. Scott is well versed in the process of community consultation and public agency review that is a necessary prerequisite to successful development. He has headed the architectural team for a wide array of residential, commercial, hotel/resort, office and public service projects.